Entering or Dropping Classes

Entering and Dropping Courses

  1. Entering a Course: A student may not enter a course of instruction after the first fifteen days, or after the first five days of a skill/performance course (such as keyboarding).

    Students transferring into the district having an equivalent course will not be considered as students new to a course but students continuing a course. These students may enter courses at any time with the counselor's approval.

  2. Dropping Courses: (All students must have written parental permission.) All students considering dropping a course must fill out a preliminary drop form with their guidance counselor one week prior to the end of the 1st Marking Period. The dates are as follows: (11/9/18 for a full year course or first semester course and 3/1/19 for a second semester only course). Any student wishing to drop a course after the above deadlines are at the discretion of the building principal, as there are at times mitigating circumstances. Students will not be permitted to drop a course for a study hall. Students will not be allowed to drop any credit-bearing course for a course that does not align to graduation requirement. A student who drops a course after the first thirty days of a semester course, or the first fifty-five days of a full year course, will have WP or WF entered on his permanent record card. WP will mean "withdrew while passing", WF will mean "withdrew while failing".

    Students cannot be dropped from a science course due to incomplete lab hour requirements. Students enrolled in a Regents Science course may elect to be dropped from the course before November 9th. If it is determined by June 1st that a student is ineligible to take the NYS Regents Exam in any science due to insufficient lab hours, the student will be responsible to take a local final science assessment. This local assessment will be aligned to the same standards and rigor as that of the NYS Regents Science exam, but it may be given in different forms such as, but not limited to, a project or written assessment. The grade of this assessment will count as 1/5 of the final yearly average. Students enrolled in a Non-Regents Science course will take a common local assessment designed by the science department.

    * No student will be allowed to have less than five (5) classes plus Physical Education.
    * No class can be dropped after November 9 for full year courses or March 1 for second semester half year


    Vocational/BOCES students must have two (2) academic classes and Physical Education.


    C. Course Level Changes: (Written permission of parent and principal are required.) A student may not change from one level of instruction (that is school level/Regents level) to another level of instruction after thirty days of a semester course or fifty-five days of a full year course without the written permission of the principal.

    D. Changing Courses or Scheduled Periods: Course changes are to be made prior to the beginning of the school year and have an academic basis for change. After student schedules are distributed, student requests to change courses for the following reasons will not be honored:

    1. To have a different teacher (unless the student failed the subject with that teacher in an earlier year.)

    2. To accommodate a job commitment/convenience

    3. To provide for a late arrival

    4. To accommodate an early dismissal

    5. To accommodate a change in assigned lunch period (unless a change is warranted by/for a medical reason substantiated through the nurse or a doctor.)


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