Student Government

Student Assembly Constitution: Approval of all policies of the Student Association shall be vested in a REPRESENTATIVE ASSEMBLY of the STUDENT ASSOCIATION.

Student Cabinet: The STUDENT ASSOCIATION CABINET shall be composed of up to 30 members consisting of the OFFICERS of the STUDENT ASSOCIATION, FRESHMEN, SOPHOMORE, JUNIOR, and SENIOR Class Officers. In addition to these members, additional members representing various activities and interests of the student body may be nominated by the PRESIDENT ELECT FOR THE FOLLOWING ACADEMIC YEAR. These selections will be made during the month of May for the following year.

The CABINET shall formulate all policies of the STUDENT ASSOCIATION.

The VICE PRESIDENT of the STUDENT ASSOCIATION shall be the presiding officer of the STUDENT CABINET.

Executive Board: The EXECUTIVE BOARD of the STUDENT ASSOCIATION shall consist of the STUDENT ASSOCIATION officers and the Presidents of the Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes.

The EXECUTIVE BOARD shall conduct the daily business of the STUDENT ASSOCIATION and see to the execution of the policies.

Officers of the Student Association: The Officers of the STUDENT ASSOCIATION (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) shall be elected by the student body of the Rome Free Academy in May of each year for the following academic year. The qualifications for such officers shall be established as STUDENT ASSOCIATION POLICY.

Duties of Officers: The President of the STUDENT ASSOCIATION shall be the executive authority and the spokesperson for the STUDENT ASSOCIATION and the Rome Free Academy students. The President will make all appointments and see that all policies of the STUDENT ASSOCIATION are faithfully executed.

The Vice President of the STUDENT ASSOCIATION shall assist the President and assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President.

The Secretary of the STUDENT ASSOCIATION shall supervise all records and written communications of the STUDENT ASSOCIATION.

The Treasurer of the STUDENT ASSOCIATION shall keep records of the financial activities of the STUDENT ASSOCIATION.

Removal from Office: Any officer of the STUDENT ASSOCIATION or member of the STUDENT CABINET may be removed from office for cause by a 2/3 vote of the REPRESENTATIVE ASSEMBLY. Any such person so removed from office may be replaced upon nomination of the President of the STUDENT ASSOCIATION and the approval of the STUDENT CABINET. Students may also be removed at the discretion of the Building Principal.

Advisor: The Advisor to STUDENT ASSOCIATION shall be present for the conduct of any and all business of the STUDENT ASSOCIATION.

Heat of Fusion: What is Heat of Fusion? It is a special week when the winter sports have ended and the spring sports have not yet started. It has been a part of the Rome Free Academy tradition since 1988. It is the week to show your school spirit and prove which class is the best.

Activities are offered during lunch times and every day after school. The activities include, but are not restricted to: pie-eating contest, chess, checkers, obstacle course, dodge ball, twister, tug-of-war, ping pong, darts, pitch, 3-on-3 basketball, floor hockey, human checkers, snowman building contest and volleyball. The classes compete with other classes in each activity. 100 points is given to the winner, 50 to second place, and 25 to third. At the end of the week, the totals are added and the winner is the class with the most points. Varsity players may be limited in their participation in their respective sport.

If you want to challenge your favorite teacher, there are faculty versus student activities including volleyball and floor hockey.

Plans are developed before the Christmas vacation and continue to be organized through February. The Student Association is in charge of these activities and value students’ input. There is a t-shirt design contest and prizes to the student with the winning design. Students need to order T-shirts before the events. Shirts need to be purchased and worn during the activity. It makes it easier to tell who is on which team and which team is winning. Students need to sign up for the activities outside the Activities Office. There are some activities for which you need to sign up with a partner, such as pitch and 3-on-3 basketball.

Listen to the announcements and look for the signs for the actual dates and times for each activity. The more you play, the more you win and the more fun you have. Hope to see you there!

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