Network & Internet

The Rome City School District has a district policy in regards to the use of the District's computer network, the BOCES regional computer network, and the Internet. The complete policy is available at the District Office. Below is a summary of that policy and rules for appropriate use of the computers at RFA.

Computers are provided at RFA for the purpose of giving students the opportunity to conduct research, use software to complete assignments or to reinforce instruction, and to be able to communicate with others. In order to promote appropriate use of the computers at RFA, the following rules must be adhered to by all students.

  • -All students must use legally-acquired computer resources such as software, networks, and databases.

  • -District staff may monitor the use of the computers and the network by the students. This includes monitoring Internet sites used and created including examining all students’ files.

  • -Students may not access or disseminate information that is illegal, defamatory, abusive, racially offensive, and/or adult-oriented.

  • -Students must abide by all copyright laws.

  • -Students may not alter the computer settings established by district staff.

  • -Students will not damage the computer systems. This includes writing programs that will infiltrate the computer system or damaging the computer hardware.

  • -Students may not access another user’s files nor obtain the passwords of others.

  • -Students may not circumvent the district’s computer security system.

  • -In order to limit the wasting of resources, students are only allowed to print school-related work. To monitor this, students must ask permission to print.

    Consequences for Violating the Rules

  • -The District may terminate any student’s access to the Network at any time, without prior notice. This is completely at the District’s discretion.

  • -Suspected misuse of the network will be reported to the school principal. The principal will notify the parents and review the case. After reviewing the details of the case, the principal will make a recommendation to the Superintendent, who will determine the final disciplinary or legal action.

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